What's Next for IT Debate #3 Does Infrastructure Really Matter?

You can see and hear me September 17th at 1pm, 10am PT. The subject is: "Does Infrastructure Really Matter -- What clients don't know can hurt them"

Yes, infrastructure does matter when it comes to IT security, and your clients need to understand why. Invite them to listen as Laura Didio and Stu Sjouwerman debate the importance of infrastructure to enterprise security. Details below.

When: September 17th at 1 pm, 10 am PT.

More: http://www.smartercomputingblog.com/debate/

Register now at ibm.co/144Xo79

What: Does Infrastructure Really Matter When It Comes to Enterprise Security? Virtual debate Experts will touch on topics like crypto hardware from an investment point of view and the “secret hardware vs. software sauce" needed to make up the ultimate level of system security for an organization. Read more about the debate on the Smarter Computing blog.

Why: For clients, they can hear expert IT influencers discuss the latest infrastructure trends and technologies discuss the subjects that are keeping C-Suite and IT executives up at night. For sellers, it's a great excuse to reach out to clients and start a conversation around the importance of infrastructure.

Who: Laura DiDio https://twitter.com/lauradidio, well respected industry analyst, consultant, and writer VS. Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of KnowBe4, https://twitter.com/StuAllard and IT Security expert

This is the third installment in the "What's Next for IT" video debate series, which brings together experts to debate topics related to cloud, big data and security infrastructure.

Topics: IT Security

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