Kevin Mitnick Details Modern IT Threats; spear phishing and more

mitnick eweek interview resized 600One of the most infamous hackers of all time talks about Website security and what users should do to protect themselves. In the world of computer security hackers, few are as well-known as Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick's activities in the mid-1990s led to his arrest by the FBI and subsequent imprisonment.

Today he works as a security consultant with his own firm, Mitnick Security Consulting. In a video interview with eWEEK, Mitnick discusses what his firm does and how he now works to help organizations secure themselves. As a well-known security professional, Mitnick's Website is the target of constant attacks. "I run a security company, so it's quite embarrassing to have my business Website defaced," Mitnick said. After being kicked off his former Website hosting provider, Mitnick today hosts his site with secure cloud hosting vendor Firehost, which he said is doing a good job for him.

Kevin discusses his partnership with KnowBe4, and how phishing and spear-phishing are some of the major weak links in IT security. The 8 minute VIDEO HERE


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