The One Security Technology That Actually Works: Application Control

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July 16, 2013, Roger Grimes wrote an article in InfoWorld that was straight out of my mind. He said: "Antivirus, perimeter defense, and network monitoring are jokes. But whitelisting works once you clear the political and logistical hurdles."

He went on with: "To decrease security risk, most companies try to do too much. They have dozens of "top priority" security projects, few of which they ever complete and even fewer that are done well. The irony: Little of that activity addresses the threats most likely to compromise an enterprise.

"The No. 1 defensive measure any company can take is to prevent unauthorized programs from running on any computer. Most often, bad guys break into companies through holes in unpatched software -- and when they do, they almost always end up running hacking tools. Prevent those hacking tools from running and you'll reduce risk by 99 percent.

"The best way to do that is to use an application control program, aka whitelisting software. Basically, you allow only those programs on the list to run and block everything else."

You should really read this (short) article. He gets to the point fast and is TOTALLY RIGHT:

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