The Three Types Of Cyberattacks

KasperskyEugene Kaspersky recently gave one of his very rare interviews. He was in Israel for a staff recruitment tour, and was quoted saying:" 

There are three kinds of cyberattacks: criminal; industrial espionage, like Stuxnet, which was a virus designed to spy; and injurious attacks that are solely designed to cause damage and not gather information. Interpol has established a special unit whose task is to counter these attacks. A number of local police departments have also adopted a similar approach.

 Espionage is particularly problematic. There is cyberactivity initiated by governments, while criminals operate at the behest of governments, Kaspersky asserts.

There are also cyber criminals who sell the information to governments who express interest. The most dangerous type of cyberwarfare is that which threatens vital infrastructure like water, electricity, oil supplies, and telecommunications systems.

 “What really scares me is possible attacks on critical infrastructure,” Kaspersky says. “It’s only a matter of time before we see a ‘cyber Armageddon'"



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