Cyberwar? Time To Calm Down A Bit


The media has a field day with this whole China / Mandiant report, but there are a few issues being confused here. It's all good and well to make the public aware of the fact that foreign nations are spying on our companies and infrastructure but what else is new, that has been happening for literally thousands of years. Just read the book 'Art of War' by Sun Zsu, which was completed somewhere 476–221 BC. Cyber espionage is slow and lasts years, so that it actually is possible to track it down to its origin. Actual cyberwar is totally different as it takes a few milliseconds, causes major damage and is -not- that easy to backtrack. The upshot? We are still far removed from full-on cyberwar, however the U.S. military are ramping up a Cyber Command and that does not bode well for the future. But spying? Yes, and here is a brand new campiagn that just got outed

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