Scam Of The Week You Have Been Targeted For Assasination

The last few weeks, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported they received complaints about the latest version of 'Hit Man scam' which now tells people via e-mail they have been targeted for assassination. The complainers told IC3 that the email wants them to buy a security alarm so they can use that if they see suspicious activity. This is the full test of the scam:

You have been targeted for assassination over a past legal financial matters. A hired international assassin has been hired to kill you. All information and concrete evidence will be forwarded to you, but that should be after the apprehension of the assassin. Please do not disclose this information to any body, including any other enforcement personal in your region. Our effort to trap him might be jeopadise [sic], if our strategies are expose by other enforcement agencies behind this crime. From this moment see anybody as somebody that wants to kill you. The private international investigator tracking the assassin, wants you to purchase our device security alarm, as you are expected to press the device alarm if you suspect any activities . We can come to your rescue through any of our attached security personel[sic], and this is possible within our network close to you in less than 10 minutes. Please try to cooperate with us. We wait to hear from you."

While most people know such an email is a hoax, the scammers obviously find enough people that respond to make it worthwhile for them keep the scam going.

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