IT's 9 Biggest Security Threats

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="9 Biggest Security Threats"]9 Biggest Security Threats[/caption]

By now you probably know I am a fan of Roger Grimes. He's a highly skillled security veteran with a sharp wit and sometimes an even sharper tongue. This time he summarized the 9 biggest security threats we face in IT, and I really think you should read his full article. Here is a shortlist of the threats he's talking about.

  • Cyber crime syndicates

  • Small-time cons

  • Hacktivists

  • Intellectual property theft and corporate espionage

  • Malware mercenaries

  • Botnets as a service

  • All-in-one malware

  • The increasingly compromised Web

  • Cyber warfare

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