Apple social engineered - Allows access to iCloud

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Apple Tech Social Engineered"]Apple Tech Social Engineered[/caption]

[UPDATED August 7] Former Gizmodo reporter Mat Honan was hacked hard. He found out that an AppleCare technician fell victim to a social engineering attack and allowed access to the wrong account: his. That error allowed Honan's personal email and Twitter accounts to be hacked, as well as the Gizmodo blog official feed.

The hacker wiped Honan's iPad, iPhone and Macbook, and locked him out of his email accounts. Then started further mayhem by spamming the Gizmodo Twitter feed. Honan currently works for Wired, and thought initially the hackers 'bruteforced' his password, but that turned out to be not the case. Forbes contributor Adrian Kingsley-Hughes posted more details about this August 5th and faulted Apple for allowing iCloud access to the wrong person.

This is exactly the reason that Kevin Mitnick and I wrote a brand new security awareness training course from scratch, to help organizations inoculate their employees against these types of attacks. This is the story that Mat Honan wrote about it. Note that if he had used Gmail's 2-factor authentication this would never have happened. Read it and weep.

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