Blast from the Antivirus Past

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="MS DOS 6.0"]MS DOS 6.0[/caption]

Remember MS-DOS Version 6? It was released March 1993. The new 6.0 had a lot of new stuff including a basic anti-virus program and a disk defragmenter. Other improvements were in the memory management area by the addition of MEMMAKER.

Now, how did you get your anti-virus updates? You had to buy them! Here is a 3-page PDF that shows how. First the instructions how to get a user ID. Grab your 9600 baud modem and dial their Bulletin Board System (BBS). Next follow the download instructions to get your AV updates. The third page is the promo where they sold you on getting a whopping whole TWO anti-virus updates for as little as $9.95 each. Add the sales tax on top of that. Oh boy, what a deal.

Here is the link to the PDF.

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