Cybercrime: Bank of America Joins Trusteer Ranks

Look what just showed up in my colleague's e-mail inbox this morning:

I wrote in moderate detail about Trusteer in a blog post right here entitled "Cyberheist Snippet 4: More on Trusteer Rapport" in a piece excerpted from my upcoming Cyberheist book. Suffice it to say that Bank of America invested in a now-outmoded online protection technology called SiteKey in which severe security deficiencies have been noted by numerous security researchers. It's terrific to see a bank of this caliber adopting Trusteer Rapport instead, and offering it to all of its online banking customers. It will definitely cut down on time and effort lost to dealing with fraudulent account access and funds transfers and will probably save Bank of America some real cash in the long run — not to mention time and aggravation for individual account holders, and ditto plus financial losses for commercial ones. This also brings to over 70 the total of major banking and financial institution customers for Trusteer Rapport (here's their list).

Stu Sjouwerman

Topics: Cybercrime, KnowBe4

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