Cybercrime in Your Business


As you know by now cyberheists continue to be a growing problem for corporations of all sizes. The problem is beyond anti-virus software, beyond firewalls and beyond just about any other preventative measure you can take if the employees in your company are not trained to avoid the security pitfalls they will come across while they are sitting at their PCs.

As a key player in your company, the solution to this problem may fall solely on you to implement, or at least raise the alarm.

Internet Security Awareness Training now is an essential part of every businesses cyber defense strategy.  KnowBe4 is the market leading on-demand Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT) provider that enables corporations like yours to quickly solve the increasingly urgent security problem of social engineering (cybercrime).

Watch this short video and learn how cyber criminals are likely to attack your company: Internet Security Training

These are a few key points to implement now to protect your business from cybercrime:

  1. All accounts should have passwords and the passwords should be unusual, difficult to guess.

  2. Change the network configuration when defects become known.

  3. Check with vendors for upgrades and patches.

  4. Audit systems and check logs to help in detecting and tracing an intruder.

  5. Train Every Employee to detect and avoid the ingenious and very insidious methods used by cyber criminals to gain access to your network. If you don’t, your company is at risk…

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know how we can help you protect your company from cybertheft.

Stu Sjouwerman

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