Banking Detail Malvertising Attack Disguises Itself as a Foolproof USPS Google Ad

Malvertising AttackA new scam aimed at stealing your credit card and banking information has reared its’ ugly head as a completely legitimate ad that is likely to be clicked based on the corresponding search term.

If you type in “USPS Tracking” in Google, you probably want to enter a U.S. Postal Service tracking number so you can see where your package is, right? So, if you saw the following result, would you give it a second thought?

6-12-23 Image

Source: Malwarebytes

You wouldn’t (and neither would I). This is perfect malvertising execution on the part of Ukrainian cybercriminals, according to security researchers at Malwarebytes. What initially seems like a legitimate tracking experience, suddenly changes tone, as the website tells the victim user they must pay a $0.35 fee and asks for credit card information. This alone should raise a red flag. But, since 35 cents isn’t much, let’s assume you go with it – your credit card details will likely be sold off on the dark web.

The real goal of this attack comes next; in an attempt to “verify” your card (under a second brand impersonation of Visa’s “Identity Check” (which I can only assume is trying to appear like their cardholder verification service), the scammers ask the victim to provide their logon credentials to their bank.


Source: Malwarebytes

Note that the bank and credit card name changes based on the information provided by the victim. It’s a slick attack. But it’s also one that includes unexpected requests – something users who undergo Security Awareness Training should instantly recognize for a cyber attack.

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