Announcing A New 8-Minute Training Module - Social Media: Staying Secure in a Connected World

social-media-staying-secure-in-a-connected-worldAs you probably know, social media is the number one place that attackers can get intel about your organization to make their "hacking of your humans" more effective. We have been hearing from many of you that social media is increasingly a method that bad guys use to social engineer your users and sometimes even send links or attachments via those social media platforms.

Many users still don't recognize the threats associated with social media use.  Because of this we are announcing a new training module to help you manage the ongoing problem of your users posting and interacting with others on social media. It is titled: "Social Media: Staying Secure in a Connected World"

This training module not only has the latest information about the risks associated with social media but at 8 minutes, it is the perfect length to engage your learners. It covers practical do's and don'ts using 3 scenarios drawn from research on organizations that have been compromised with the use of or directly using social media. 

We have also used the latest technology to make this training module our best ever on this subject. It includes a short quiz at the end to make sure your users demonstrate that they have retained this critical information. This module is also in the process of being localized into 34 languages (look for more information on what languages here: so look for an announcement when those are available very soon. For now, you can find this training module  "Social Media: Staying Secure in a Connected World" live in the ModStore in US English. I recommend you assign it as soon as you can.  Not a customer yet? You can go to the ModStore and check it out with this free pass:

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