Almost One Quarter Of Canadians Have Clicked On A Phishing Link

apt_phishing_focus_447728-resized-600.jpgTORONTO, March 1, 2018 /CNW/ - Online payment fraud like phishing is a growing trend, and Canadians are worried about it.  According to a new survey conducted by Interac Corp., Canadians are more likely to worry about payment fraud scams like phishing and skimming than home break-ins, vehicle theft and plane crashes. 

And, almost one quarter of Canadians say they have clicked on a link that resulted in a phishing scam, while 64 per cent say they have been tempted to click on a link they weren't completely sure was safe.

"As payment fraud increasingly migrates online through scams like phishing, the continued work we do with our partners to detect and prevent fraudulent activity has never been more important," said Rob Fodor, Chief Data Scientist and VP of Fraud, Interac Corp. "It's also why we feel strongly about arming Canadians with the information they need to spot, avoid and report any phishing scams they may come across."

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