Aggressive New Tech Support Social Engineering Scam


The Tech Support Scams are getting worse by the month. Here is a horror story that was just shared today. I suggest you read it, and keep alert for Red Flags like these!  

"My dad almost got badly scammed by a guy who claimed he was from "IT Innovations" selling virus protection for computers. My very trusting dad who isn't at all computer savvy fell for this guys' pitch when he called my parents land line several months ago.

"The same man called back this past Saturday telling dad he had to refund the money because the company was going out of business. He convinced my dad to sign into some website that gave the scammer access to my parents' home computer.  Then he got dad to log into his credit union account online in order to make sure the money was back in his checking account.

"It was, plus an extra $2000. When my dad told the guy he said he had made a mistake and wanted my dad to wire the money back to him. Thank God my mom walked into the house and made my dad stop and power off the computer.

"At this point the guy was yelling and threatening my parents over the phone. My mom simply told him he wasn't getting his money back, that he is evil, and hung up on him (go mom!). Thank heavens my parents know the president of the credit union and they were able to get the accounts locked down immediately, get new accounts, and the guy didn't get a penny.

Here is the crux of the scam, pay attention to what happened! 

 "What he had done was transfer money from one of my dads other accounts into his checking so that it "looked like" he had sent my dad money when in fact it was my dads money all along."

So, this type of social engineering is focused on the house, but similar types of scams can happen when you are at the office as well, so keep an eye out for Red Flags. Here is a free infographic in PDF format you can print and stick on the wall next to your computer and check for phishing attacks:

If you want to step through effective security awareness training to protect yourself against Internet crime like this, check out the KnowBe4 website and find out how affordable this is.

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