92% of Organizations Have Fallen Victim to Phishing as Nearly Every Org is Concerned with Email Security

Phishing and Email SecurityNew data shows that not only has just about every organization experienced a successful phishing attack, but that they are also paying the price in a number of impactful ways.

In email security vendor Egress’s latest Email Security Risk report, we get a glimpse into the reality of the aftermath of a phishing attack. According to the report:

  • 86% of organizations experienced negative impacts following a successful phishing attack in the last 12 months
  • 54% have experienced financial loss due to customer churn
  • 47% have experienced reputational damage
  • 30% experienced regulatory penalties

Even with a layered security strategy, according to the report, 55% of organizations say too many phishing attacks are getting past their secure email gateway. This puts the emphasis squarely on the user being the last line of defense – requiring new school continual Security Awareness Training designed to educate the user on how to identify phishing attacks before they engage with their malicious content.

According to Egress, 46% of organizations say their employees skip through training as quickly as possible, making it necessary to also employ phishing testing as the feedback loop to better understand which employees present the greatest risk by engaging with simulated phishing emails (and, therefore, require additional training).

Do you know what's getting through your mail filters?

KnowBe4’s  Mailserver Security Assessment (MSA) helps you assess your organization’s mailserver configuration settings and check the effectiveness of your email filtering rules. With email still the #1 attack vector used by threat actors, you want to see what types of messages may make it through your filters from the outside.

MSA gives you a quick insight at how your mailserver handles test messages that contain a variety of different message types including email with attachments that contain password-protected, macro zipped, and .exe files or have spoofed domains.

msa-screen3Here's how MSA works:

  • 100% non-malicious packages sent
  • Select from 30+ automated email message types to test against
  • Saves you time! No more manual testing of individual email messages using MSA's automated send, test, and result status
  • Validate that your current filtering rules work as expected
  • Results in an hour or less!

Find out now if your mail server is configured correctly, many are not!

Test My Mailserver!

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