75% of Users Don’t Know Cyber Security Best Practices

2018-state-privacy-security-awareness-report_724x483New data from MediaPRO’s third annual State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report shows users are less prepared this year to address the risk of cyberthreat.

With the threat of cyber attacks increasing, organizations would like to think they are prepared to prevent and respond to an attack. But the Deloitte data shows a much bleaker picture:

  • 75% of respondents struggled with identifying best practices related to correct behaviors in cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Employees performed worse this year identifying malware warning signs, knowing how to spot a phishing email, and practicing social media safety.
  • 77% of respondents in management and 74% of employees in subordinate positions showed a general lack of cyber-risk awareness.

Based on this data, organizations generally deserve a failing grade in Cybersecurity 101.

To rectify this, organizations need to create a security culture within the organization, leveraging Security Awareness Training as a central part of the strategy, keeping users constantly up-to-date on the latest attack methods, educating them on how to maintain a constant state of security vigilance, and empowering them to spot attacks before they become a victim.

Based on MediaPRO data, every organization is still at risk and it’s imperative that a change in security mindset and education take place immediately. You can download their report here.


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