2015 U.S Hacking Incidents More Than Previous Two Years Combined

badguyMASKIn 2015 U.S. organizations are seeing a significant spike in hacking incidents. Over 122 Million records breached just from hacking alone. That is not counting all of the other incidents leading to sensitive information being exposed. This year will be the worst year ever for data breaches by far.

So how do we keep our shareholders, customers, and stakeholders information protected? This question has been eluding executives for several years now.

StreetInsider has a good article they put together with a Managed Security Service Provider which analyzed the best practices with the highest bang for your budget. Good ammo to send to management if you
need additional budget:

Note that their second "must-do" is effective security awareness training. All your employees need to be stepped through end-user education to prevent social engineering attacks from getting through.  Find out how affordable this is for your organization today.  

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