10 Hacking Facts / How They Impact You [Infographic]

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing concerns for business and consumers, especially when it comes to social media. So much personal identifiable information (PII) exists across the internet that it’s practically inevitable that malicious forces would try to take it. An infographic from Heimdal Security outlines 10 cybersecurity facts and how they impact your online security.

Hacking has become so prevalent that the FBI now operates a most wanted list for cybercriminals, which currently has 19 people on it. Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev is number one most wanted, for his involvement with the “GameOverZeus” — ransomware that caused over $100 million in losses.

The most expensive virus to date has been MyDoom, an email worm, which gave hackers remote control over systems, and conducted DDoS attacks. MyDoom is estimated to have caused $38.5 billion worth of damage.

With 1.6 billion users worldwide — more than 64 percent of all internet users — social media has become a prime target for hackers. 1 in 10 social media users said they’ve been hacked, and more than 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised every day.

Social engineering attacks continue to rise, making people a weak link in the security chain. One Eastern European syndicate managed to scam $1 billion over two years from 100 different banks through the use of spear-phishing attacks on bank employees. According to the infographic, 91 percent of attempts to steal data are spear-phishing attacks.

Response times to attacks are atrociously long. The average time taken to discover a malicious or criminal attack was 170 days. There has also been a 176 percent increase in the number of cyber attacks, and a 96 percent increase (since 2010) of the average annualized cost of attacks. In addition to this, 68 percent of funds lost during an attack are unrecoverable.

For more information on these topics, or to see how government spying has made hacking worse, view the infographic below or visit Heimdal Security’s Blog for the full report.

10 Hacking Facts Infographic

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