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Microsoft Teams Phishing Campaign Distributes DarkGate Malware

Researchers at Truesec are tracking a phishing campaign that’s distributing the DarkGate Loader malware via external Microsoft Teams messages.
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New Telekopye Phishing Toolkit Uses Telegram-Based Bots To Turn Novice Scammers into Experts

The Telekopye toolkit allows scammers to create phishing websites, send fraudulent SMS messages and emails, and target popular Russian and non-Russian online marketplaces.
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Hacking Your Digital Identity: How Cybercriminals Can and Will Get Around Your Authentication Methods

Inadequate authentication measures leave your digital identity vulnerable to cybercriminals. Tools like multi-factor authentication, biometrics, passwords, PINs and tokens are more ...
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CISA Says to Exercise Caution For Disaster-Related Malicious Scams

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned that scammers are exploiting the recent hurricanes that have hit the US. Criminals frequently impersonate ...
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Nearly One-Quarter of Financial-Themed Spam Emails are Phishing Attacks

While spam tends to be dismissed as being more of an annoyance, new research shows that there is a very real and ever-present threat in emails that are marked as “spam”.
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Cyberattacks Targeting Government Agencies and Institutions Increases in Q2 by 40%

New data shows a massive uptick in attacks across all industries, but a particularly worrisome growth in interest in targeting the public sector – and the indicators of who’s responsible ...
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New “Early Warning” System in the U.K. Tips Off Ransomware Targets

British Intelligence has come up with a potentially very effective means to disrupt ransomware attacks, but there seems to still be a few kinks in the system.
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[Must Know] Cybercriminals May Already Have Hacked Your LinkedIn Account. How To Secure.

New reports show many LinkedIn users have reported complaints about accounts being taken over by bad actors.
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Record ¥3 bil stolen via phishing in Japan in 1st half of 2023

A record 2,322 scams in Japan to steal internet banking IDs and passwords have resulted in unauthorized money transfers totaling a record of around 3 billion yen ($21 million) in the ...
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Fraud Masquerades as Anti-Fraud

Many of us have received a phone call or other notification from a credit card company telling us that they’ve detected suspicious activity on our card. Was it us? Did we just spend $500 ...
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Vendor Email Compromise Attacks Use the Same Playbook for Multiple Attacks

Seeking very large paydays, Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) threat actors are finding out what works and repurposing their content and processes to increase chances of seeing a massive ...
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