Top Four Security Tips for Cyber Safety on National Computer Security Day

Erich Kron

National Computer Security Day 2023To celebrate National Computer Security Day, which is recognized on November 30 every year, KnowBe4 encourages all IT and security professionals to train their workforce how to stay safe from cybersecurity threats as the organization’s last line of defense.

It is also crucial to focus on building a strong security culture by educating employees about today’s cyber threat landscape and how they can play a role in protecting the organization.

National Computer Security Day is one day aimed to raise awareness and remind society about the importance of protecting both company and personal computer resources in order to prevent the misuse of financial and personal data, and even identity theft. There are many measures that people can take to be more secure and we can all play a part in these efforts year-round. 

We have compiled our top four tips for better, more impactful cybersecurity measures: 

  1. Implement phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication - Cybercriminals have become very good at tricking people into giving up their credentials, especially through fake login pages designed to look like authentic ones. Having an additional factor, such as a code generated from an application on a smartphone, or better yet, a phishing-resistant factor such as a USB security key to prove your identity, can go a long way toward keeping bad actors out of your accounts. 
  2. Patch software in a timely manner - Patching software and firmware can help not only keep cybercriminals from getting into computer systems, but can also keep them from doing more damage in the event they do get in. Do not just patch internet-connected devices, but also the ones inside the network.
  3. Conduct security awareness training and simulated phishing tests - Educating employees about how to spot email phishing attacks, one of the most successful ways attackers can get into a network, is a critical part of any security program. Conduct training in short sessions on a regular basis, then allow them to test their skills with simulated phishing exercises that provide practice. Do not forget to also educate employees about safe password behaviors and other important security topics.  
  4. Create long and unique passwords or passphrases for each online account - Not only does the length and complexity of passwords matter, but the reuse of passwords is a significant security threat as well. In many breaches, cybercriminals steal usernames and passwords, knowing that they can try these on common websites using free tools, and since people reuse passwords often, the chances of taking over other accounts is good. Making sure passwords are unique and are never reused, especially between personal and work accounts, can help keep accounts secure. 

So remember to stay safe today on National Computer Security Day, and every day! 

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