Happy 21st Annual SysAdmins Day!

Erich Kron

HappyDay-SocialToday is SysAdmins Day, and if you have ever seen an episode of the awesome show “Dirty Jobs”, you might think you have seen the worst jobs out there. I mean crawling through sewer pipes, inspecting manure or cleaning up crime scenes does feel like it should qualify, but I want to bring attention to an even worse job, that of the sysadmin.

That’s right folks, these reluctant warriors get out of bed every morning knowing that, once again, they will question the life decisions that have landed them in this role where roughly 88.47% of all service calls can be solved by one simple step. “Did you turn it off, then back on again?” That is the mantra of the noble sysadmin, who rues the times that the answer to that fundamental question is a resounding “Yes, I did”, because this inevitably leads to what is possibly the most soul-draining process in all of modern business, the Q&A session with the user.

For this reason, I feel it is only right and just to give a huge kudos to all you System Administrators out there as we celebrate the annual day of respect known as Sysadmin Day! Yes, 2020 is known for a lot of things, but it should also be recognized as the 21st annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.

To show some of my appreciation, I asked Javvad Malik to say thanks in the only way we knew how... with a video of course.


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Know this my fellow system administrators, you are remembered by those of us who have lived in the trenches, helped hold together data centers with nothing but a roll of CAT5 cable, some duct tape and bubble gum. We remember the days of hearing, “I don’t know, it just quit working”, only to find half a gallon of coffee (or worse) sloshing around under the broken laptops keyboard. We feel your pain friends!

Sysadmins of the world, enjoy this day that is dedicated to you. Go ahead and put that phone on DnD and play some D&D or hide in the server room and get some uninterrupted Minecraft time in today. We won’t tell because you deserve it! (even if it means twice as much work on Monday)

Happy SysAdmins Day!

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