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Personal security cameras hacked, stream live on websites

Shocking video of people's private lives are streaming over the internet. Hackers are able to easily tap into personal security cameras and stream them on websites for the world to see, ...
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New Study Shows Your Apps Could Be Putting Your Personal Information At Risk

A recent study by Cloudlock, a cyber security company, revealed several popular apps that could allow hackers an easy gateway to access your personal information. 
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Pinellas Man Falls Victim To Ransomware

Pinellas County resident Scott Germak thought he was getting free Tampa Bay Rays tickets based on a phishing email that appeared to be a legitimate message coming from GTE Financial, his ...
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PETYA ransomware Locks Users Out by Overwriting Master Boot Record

Security researchers at Trend Micro have found a new type of ransomware that doesn’t encrypt specific files but makes the entire hard drive inaccessible. The malware has been named Petya ...
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Tampa Bay Business Owner Affected By Ransomware

Ransomware continues to be a successfull business for the cybercriminals of the world. It can easily get past even the best anti-virus software through a user just clicking once on ...
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Apple Defies U.S. Magistrate's Order To Unlock Shooter Suspect's iPhone

Apple this week released a statement regarding what has been an ongoing battle for months. The FBI requested that Apple unlock the encypted iPhone belonging to San Bernadino shooter Syed ...
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Tampa is 842% above the national average in malware infections

A new study by Enigma Software revealed the hardest hit cities in the country when it comes to computer viruses. Tampa was ranked #2 for malware infections per person. That's 842% above ...
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