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How You Can Increase Employee Engagement with Security Awareness Training

One of the most common questions I get asked working for a security awareness training company is, how do I make employees more engaged with and care about the training? I get it. Who ...
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Top 12 Most Common Rogue URL Tricks

It’s nearly impossible to find an Internet scam or phishing email that doesn’t involve a malicious Uniform Resource Locator (URL) link of some type. The link either directs the user to a ...
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Increase in BLM Domain Names Forecasts BLM Phishing Attacks

There has been a significant increase in DNS domain names containing blacklivesmatter or George Floyd’s name and there’s a good chance some of those are owned by people with malicious ...
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The Three Pillars of the Three Computer Security Pillars

Much of the world, or at least the United States, is coalescing around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. It’s a pretty good one to follow out of the many dozens that have been proposed ...
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What is the Right Password Policy?

What is the right password policy? Conventional password policies say you must have a password at least 8-12 characters long…16 characters or longer if it belongs to an elevated ...
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Q&A With Data-Driven Evangelist Roger Grimes on the Great Password Debate

I get asked a lot about password policy during my travels around the globe giving presentations and from people who email after webinars. Many of the questions are the same and I’ve ...
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Is That COVID-19 Email Legitimate or a Phish?

It’s no surprise that phishers and scammers are using the avalanche of new information and events involving the global coronavirus pandemic as a way to successfully phish more victims. ...
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The Best and First Defenses You Should Implement

Every good defense has three pillars of controls: policy, technical, and education. People are always asking what they should do for each to minimize cybersecurity events the most and ...
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Third-Party Risk Management Questionnaire for Extended Emergencies

Here’s a questionnaire you can send to suppliers during extended work from home (WFH) periods.
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Share the Red Flags of Social Engineering Infographic With Your Employees

Social engineering and phishing are responsible for 70% to 90% of all malicious breaches , so it’s very important to keep your employees at a heightened state of alert against this type ...
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The Best Computer Security Solvers Look Beyond the Problem

Who doesn’t love a good computer security “cowboy”? That’s a man or a woman who is a recognized authority in their field of expertise, who groks their subject, who is truly a subject ...
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70% to 90% of All Malicious Breaches are Due to Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

If you’ve heard me speak the last two years, read any of my articles, or watched any of my webinars, you’ve probably heard me say, “Seventy to ninety percent of all malicious breaches are ...
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Every Computer Defense Has Three Main Pillars

Defense-in-Depth is a dogmatic term used in the computer defense industry to indicate that every computer defense has to be made up of multiple, overlapping defenses positioned to best ...
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The Effectiveness of Educating End Users With a Test-Out Quiz

Use a “test-out” quiz as a way to get people who are normally resistant to training to proactively take the training. They think they are taking a quiz to avoid the training, but in ...
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Use Advocates to Spread Your Security Awareness Training Program

I’ve always been a big fan of train-the-trainer programs. Even if you are a great computer security consultant and trainer, there is a limit to what you, one person or one team, can do. ...
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[Heads-up] We Give Notice About The New Criminal Age 'Ransomware 2.0': Extremely Damaging, Dangerous And Plain Evil

Take a look at that screen. Let it sink in a moment. Imagine if it were your company.
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The Top 5 Eyeopener Strategies To Improve Your IT Defenses And Keep Bad Guys Out Of Your Network

Last year, in 2019 according to CVEdetails, there were 12,174 new, publicly announced vulnerabilities. If that sounds like a high number, it’s a lot less than the previous two years. We ...
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Smishing 101 and Defenses

Smishing is phishing via Short Message Service (SMS) on a participating device, usually a cell phone. Long neglected by phishers and spammers, smishing has recently become a very common ...
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Encryption Isn’t Your Only Ransomware Problem - There Are Some Other Nasty Issues

Ransomware has become one of the most dreaded problems in the cyber world and it’s only getting worse. Much worse!
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I Can Phish Anyone

I’m a bit surprised by some aggressive corporate anti-phishing policies which say they will fire anyone for one accidental phishing offense. Send me the names and email addresses of the ...
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