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Martin Kraemer

Security Awareness Advocate

Dr. Martin J. Kraemer is a Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4. He has over 10 years of research and industry experience in cybersecurity with a focus on human-centered computing. Martin held roles in innovation, research, and technology consulting. He has worked with both public and private organizations on information security and data protection.
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Recent Posts

Phishing With Deepfakes for HK$200 Million

My hacker story occurred not too long ago at the Hong Kong office of an undisclosed multinational corporation. The hackers pulled off a first-of-its-kind scam that leveraged a phishing ...
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There Is Only So Much Lipstick You Can Put on a Cybercriminal Troll

The one thing I love about our annual conference in Orlando, KB4-CON, is its thought-provoking nature. Year after year, the events team manages to keep a fine balance between product ...
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Synthetic Data: The New Frontier in Cyber Extortion

Organizations are increasingly facing cyber attacks resulting in data breaches, and part of their post-incident responsibilities includes adhering to mandatory reporting requirements.
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Beware of Bogus Roborock Retailers: The Perils of Misleading URLs in E-Commerce

Roborock's online storefronts have been used for cybercrime schemes in the past, and it seems attackers are continuing to create fake online shops. After all, the Chinese-originated robot ...
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Security Awareness Is Dead. Long Live Security Awareness

Our actions determine outcomes, not our thoughts, our knowledge, or our intentions.
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[Cybersecurity Awareness Month] Frankenphisher – The Monster of Social Engineering Artificial Intelligence

Imagine an artificial intelligence (AI) system developed by a mad scientist to leverage the full capabilities of Large-Language-Models (LLM).
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Practical Insights To Improve Security Awareness in Higher Education

I am a strong believer that understanding cybersecurity as part of an organization-wide process is of the utmost importance.
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Can Someone Guess My Password From the Wi-Fi Signal On My Phone?

Cybercriminals can't ascertain your phone password just from a Wi-Fi signal, but they can come close according to a method described in a recent research paper. Researchers have ...
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Beware of Clickbait PDF Phishing Attacks Lurking in Search Results

We previously reported independently on PDF-based phishing attacks skyrocketing and the rise of SEO attacks. A recent research study found that the combination of both is quite common. ...
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The Urgent Need For Cyber Resilience in Healthcare

A US hospital closed two years after a ransomware incident, highlighting that the health sector continues to be under threat.
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Is AI-Generated Disinformation on Steroids About To Become a Real Threat for Organizations?

A researcher was alerted to a fake website containing fake quotes that appeared to be written by himself. The age of generative artificial intelligence (AI) toying with our public ...
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The Education Sector Must Act Now

The education sector remains vulnerable as ransomware shame sites continue to feature teaching institutions from around the world. Some of the latest victims were universities from ...
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A Close Call – PayPal Scam Warning

On Sunday, I received an urgent message from a friend. PayPal had sent him an email saying that a co-worker had sent him money. This was not unexpected, as he was collecting contributions ...
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