This ransomware asks victims to name their own price to get their files back

Scarab ransomwareAttackers behind this form of file-encrypting malware - which has similarities with Locky - think that if the victim can set their own price, they're more likely to pay.

A form of ransomware which shares similarities with Locky and also comes with the option for infected victims to negotiate a price for retrieving their encrypted files.

Scarab ransomware was first uncovered in June, but during November, it was suddenly distributed in millions of spam emails, as noted by researchers at Fortinet. These emails were distributed by Necurs, the botnet infamous for spreading the highly-successful Locky ransomware.

The file-encrypting malware is deployed when the victim runs a VBScript application contained within a malicious email, which retrieves Scarab from payload websites. More at ZDnet

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