KnowBe4 added a new feature to the platform: Security Roles.


KnowBe4 is proud to announce the introduction of a new feature, Security Roles. Security Roles can be used to assign granular access throughout the KnowBe4 console. Each Security Role is completely customizable to allow for the creation of the exact roles needed by your organization.

Because the roles are not simply a set of predefined permissions it is possible to create the exact permission model that fits your needs. Below are some common scenarios where Security Roles will allow the console administrator to give users access to only the portions of the KnowBe4 console that are needed to obtain their results:

  • Auditors that need to review training history
  • HR departments that want to see individual user results
  • Training groups that want to review training content prior to deployment

Here are a few examples of access controls that can be set:

  • Review (but don't touch!) results of phishing tests
  • Management of Users and Groups
  • Create new Phishing Security Campaigns
  • Review of training content available in the ModStore

Security Roles are available to all customers at Platinum and Diamond subscription levels. You can go to the Users tab and then the Security Roles tab to check it out.

Learn how to use ‘Security Roles’ to assign granular access control to users working in the KnowBe4 Console.  Check out the documentation and video here:

See it for yourself and get a live, one-on-one demo.

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