See Ridiculously Easy Security Awareness Training and Phishing

KMSAT Live Demo

Join us for a live demo on Security Awareness Training and phishing in action!

Old-school awareness training does not hack it anymore. Your email filters have an average 7-10% failure rate; you need a strong human firewall as your last line of defense.

Join us on Wednesday, January 7 @ 2:00 PM (ET) for a live demonstration of how KnowBe4 introduces a new-school approach to security awareness training and simulated phishing. 

Get a first look at new features and see how easy it is to train and phish your users:

  • NEW! AI Recommended training suggestions based on your users’ phishing security test results.
  • NEW! Brandable Content feature gives you the option to add branded custom content to select training modules.
  • Active Directory Integration to easily upload user data, eliminating the need to manually manage user changes.
  • NEW! The first 2021 Training Modules were just published in the ModStore.
  • Did You Know? You can upload your own SCORM training modules into your account for home workers.

Find out how 35,000+ organizations have mobilized their end-users as their human firewall. 

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