[FREE COURSE] 'Social Media: Staying Connected in a Secure World' Now Available to Support National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Free Course “Social Media: Staying Secure in a Connected World”Surprise! We're excited to provide a complimentary “Social Media: Staying Secure in a Connected World” course as part of our global effort to increase online safety during National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

With this free course, your users will learn how to identify this social engineering attack vector, see example scenarios of how the bad guys do it, and walk away with actionable tips for how to protect themselves and their organizations. The course is available in 34 different languages. 

Social media may seem like a simple way to share information and connect with others, but people need to realize that it’s also an easy way for the bad guys to gather information to launch a social engineering attack. All it takes is one wrong click to allow them access to your accounts or even your devices. End users should be particularly aware of their security and privacy settings within social media platforms to ensure that they’re not sharing personal, sensitive information with the world.

With more people working remotely and families depending on the internet, it is more important than ever to stay safe online no matter where you are.

Social media is often used to profile victims to set them up for social engineering scams such as phishing. According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 70-90% of data breaches and incidents originate from phishing attacks. 

Make sure to check out the 2020 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month resource kit that will help your users build their cybersecurity fortress from anywhere throughout National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and beyond. Also make sure to check out our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month resource center!

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